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In her quest for finding products which were safe for both the body and the environment, Radhika Kothari had gone through entire product ranges of renowned cosmetic brands but still wasn’t entirely comfortable or convinced. Behind the lofty claims of being able to do wonders for the skin and hair, there was always the fact that these brands used a lot of chemicals to produce their ‘magical’ effects. She was always on the lookout for more home-made, pure and natural products, but they were few and far between.

As fate would have it, around this time, her husband happened to be thinking about diversifying his business portfolio with a range of bath and body products for men and women. When the first heard of the idea, it was a ‘Yesss’ moment for her ! She decided that she would get fully involved in the concept and address a concern which was so dear to her heart.

Energized by the possibilities open to her, she began intensive research into the wealth of traditional cures and Ayurvedic formulations available in India. With an unwavering focus on using only the best natural and eco-friendly ingredients, she was soon able to design a unique range of bath and body care products for women in the name of “Rustic Earth” and for men in the name of “Barrister“, which had the singular premise of being safe to use and effective in purpose. These products were curated and produced in small batches in order to provide focused attention and exclusivity to the client base. In this way she accomplished her mission of providing high quality products by going back to our roots.

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“Just loved Rustic Earth’s Rose Shower Gel ! It’s exactly what I need to put a hard day of work behind me. It has become my go-to product. Using a tiny amount gives enough lather to have a good cleansing. The rose scent is very relaxing and fills the bathroom and the gel really leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It seems to have some moisturizing effect also as my skin doesn’t feel dry. I will surely recommend to my friends.”

“Definitely worth the price. I needed something to manage my oily skin and Rustic Earth’s Face Wash definitely does the trick. It makes my skin feel fresher and smoother. I’ve also noticed breakouts and acne have reduced. Loved the green tea fragrance – it’s so light and nice !”

“I have very thick long hair which is a bit difficult to manage, and it’s generally dry to boot. I finally decided to try Rustic Earth’s Shampoo along with the conditioner. It worked !. Within a few washes, the dryness and flakes vanished. There’s a enough lather and my scalp always feels properly cleansed. The best thing is it only takes a little portion for a complete wash and my hair looks glossy and healthy.”